Midwest Values in a Southwest Paradise.

Good Life Pool and Spa Care was built with one big thing in mind, Customer Service. After hearing endless stories about Pool Care Services that would just show up (If they even showed up at all that particular week) throw chemicals in the pools and leave...I decided to create a business model based around Customer Experience and Customer Retention. Like a lot of us in the valley, I migrated here from the Midwest in search of more opportunity, better weather, and year round outdoor activities. Growing up in the Midwest, working in the hayfields and cornfields instilled a work ethic in me that I have brought here to our Southwest Paradise. It's simple....Work hard, treat people right, and do a good job...that's the basis of Customer Retention.

It’s commonly “accepted” here in our communities that Pool Owners will rotate through Pool care companies on a regular basis. I believe that this is happening largely due to the following scenario:

The “fly-by-the-night” companies come in and promise great service at a super LOW price. In order to maintain that low price and make a livable wage, each technician must service 25-30 pool a day. How can 1 person Service and Commute to 30 different pools in a day? The only way they can accomplish this is to do a “dump and run” with your chemicals, not cleaning the skimmer baskets, making mistakes like leaving the gates open with your dog in the backyard ,and all around doing a sub-par job so that they can get to that next pool as quickly as possible.

Here at Good Life Pool Care, we aren't in a rush to get to the next pool. We take our time, complete our full service, and make sure everything is 100% ready to go. 

So please, choose a company that’s there when you call them. Choose a company that is going to put your needs first. Choose a company that is going to do honest work, for an honest wage. Choose Good Life Pool and Spa Care. 

A Bit About Us

Good Life Pool and Spa Care LLC is Licensed and Insured.

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Our Professional Services

-Weekly/Bi-Weekly Maintenance

-Chemical Only Service

-One Time Service

-Pool Opening/Closing


-Equipment Repair

-Pool Filter Cleaning

- Tile Cleaning

-Pool Maintenance Consultations

-And More!

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