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When Should I Drain My Pool? Everything You Need to Know

Having a private pool is great for several reasons. You can cool off anytime you want or need, and you can invite relatives and friends for a pool party. However, it is also your responsibility to regularly call for a pool cleaning service to ensure your pool is always clean and safe for swimming

Keep reading to learn all about deep-cleaning your pool to keep it a safe, healthy environment for whenever you want to use it. 


Why Do You Need to Regularly Drain Your Pool?

Maintaining proper chlorine levels and regularly skimming leaves is important, but those aren’t the only things you should be doing to keep your pool clean. Over time, grime and algae can build up, even when your pool sees regular use. Every 3 to 5 years, your pool should be completely or partially drained to keep the water clean and reduce the buildup of dirt and debris. 


A pool maintenance company like Good Life Pool & Spa Care will keep your waters crystal clear, take care of filter changes, and recommend a drainage schedule for deep cleaning. 


Why Do You Need Pool Maintenance Service?

Maintaining a pool can be quite daunting because it must be cleaned regularly. For pool service in Mesa, AZ, turn to Good Life Pool & Spa Care! We take the workload off your hands to help you maximize your enjoyment with minimal hassle. 

As one of the top-rated swimming pool service companies, we have the equipment and expertise to complete the job correctly, efficiently, and affordably. 

Why Do I Need to Clean My Pool Regularly?

1. Keep It Clear

Leaves, branches, and other debris will inevitably end up in your pool, especially if it is uncovered throughout the day. You must clean it off and make sure the water remains clear. Remove any type of debris and possible contaminants from your pool at least once a week. 

Recommended weekly maintenance work includes the following:

  • Backwash filters
  • Balance chemicals
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Evaluate water chemistry
  • Inspect all parts and equipment
  • Skim out leaves and other debris
  • Vacuum (when necessary)

A good pool maintenance service can help you figure out the exact work you need. 

2. Prevent the Spread of Bacteria That Cause Diseases

Whether you’re inviting guests over regularly or you’re worried about stray and wild animals taking a sip or dip in your water, it’s important to minimize the risks of germs spreading. 

To eliminate the risk of bacteria and contaminants, it’s best to schedule cleaning with a professional pool service. Professionals will evaluate the water chemistry and balance it when necessary

3. Avoid Structural Damage

Cracks may appear on the pool structure because of stress, the weather, or the presence of rhizomes—but untrained eyes won’t always notice these problems. Having experts regularly check your pool means they can keep an eye out for other problems and proactively tackle any developing issues. 

Keeping the pool empty for a long time may also result in cracks. When there is no water pressure in the pool basin, there’s nothing to balance the external force from the groundwater around it. A reliable pool cleaning service will tell you when they need to empty the pool for sanitation purposes. 

Reasons To Drain Your Pool

A pool maintenance service will be able to provide accurate recommendations about when you need to drain your pool and take care of properly filling it back up. Sometimes the reason will be as simple as needing to refresh the tiles, walls, and floor, but there are a number of concerns to look out for. 

Here are important reasons to drain your pool:

  1. Repair the pool when cracks appear
  2. Deep clean the pool because you can no longer see the floor from above
  3. Resurface the pool because the intense Arizona heat has caused the gunite paint to fade
  4. Remove total dissolved solids (TDS), which are the accumulation of chemicals, dirt, debris, and other contaminants in the pool throughout years of use
  5. Remove slimy and slippery stains and algae, which could result in accidents

When Is the Best Time To Drain Your Pool?

The best time to drain your pool is during a mild spring day. 

It is not recommended to drain your pool during the summer or winter— both extreme heat and cold weather can lead to cracks in the pool’s liner. Summer is also likely when you’ll most want to use your pool, so be proactive about maintenance and rely on professional help for pool draining!

Call Good Life Pool Care Today

Draining a pool is a job for pool cleaning service experts like Good Life Pool Care. Every member of the team is a certified operator with many years of combined experience in the industry. 

Issues with the pool can overwhelm any owner. Get in touch with the experts here or call (480) 269-5620 to discuss any pool problem you may have.

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