Weekly Service Price List

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Starting at $145/mo

Full-Service Deluxe

This service includes:


- Weekly Pool Service

- Complete Water Chemistry Evaluation

- Empty all Skimmer and Pump Baskets

- Backwash Filters Regularly

- Brush Steps, Sides, and Walls

- Skim Leaves and Debris from the Top and Bottom of Pool

- Vacuum If Needed

- Inspect All Equipment to Make Sure It Is Working Properly

- Chemicals Included: Liquid Chlorine, Chlorine Tabs, Phosphate Remover, and Muriatic Acid.


Two times per year, generally around March and September, we will perform a filter clean and add a 6-month long-term algaecide to the pool. This service is $130 each time.

*Chemicals included per month: Up to 8 Tabs, 1 Gallon of Chlorine or Acid, 2oz Phosphate Remover. Specialty chemicals such as algaecides, clarifiers, conditioner, scale removers, stain removers, etc. are needed on occasion and are not included in your monthly service rate.

**Standard pool only - large pools, deep pools, pools with attached spas may have additional costs.